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Retirement Committees — Lost Without TRCE
TRCE | Retirement Committees — Lost Without TRCE

DOL Fiduciary Rule Heightens Need
for Retirement Committee Education
The demand for education by 401(k) and 403(b) plan sponsors is growing exponentially — accelerated by concerns about fiduciary liability, growing DOL and IRS scrutiny, the rash of lawsuits and retirement readiness. The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) has conducted over 400 half-day education programs since May 2013 with almost 5,000 DC Plan Sponsors.
While HR and finance professionals regularly attend TPSU programs, very few plan sponsors are able to send their entire retirement committee. Most committee members have little to no experience or training even though they have personal liability over decisions they make.
To meet demand, TPSU is launching Retirement Committee Education (TRCE) for DC plan sponsors.

Plan sponsors get access to 3 online courses which includes an educational session delivered by a trained advisor who holds the C(k)P Designation from TRAU. The online and in-person courses, which carry CE credits along with a "Certificate of Completion", cover:
  • Why DC plan sponsors should have a Retirement Committee
  • How to form and empower the Committee
  • Who should sit on the Committee
  • What are their functions and responsibilities
  • Best practices
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